Welcome to In-A-Flash Photography! My name is Ashley B. I’m so excited you decided to stop by. Let’s make it snappy!

The story of how photography entered my life was thanks to two key events; first, one of my best friends was in a pinch – she had her first daughter’s baptism, and the original photographer had to attend an unexpected family emergency. She called and asked if I can do stand in.. Who? Me? Was my first reaction.  Well, I’d do anything for my friends and dove straight into the world of photography. Check out Malina’s baptism for the first of In A Flash Photos.

This took place two days before traveling around the world to study abroad in India. During the trip, my classmates often commented on the lucky shots taken from my iPhone 8 Plus (I bought it for the camera). While in India, you are quickly introduced to the number of people who have side hustle(s). At this moment, I knew I wanted to start a side hustle when I returned home.

Here we are! I am very excited to work with you, and can’t wait to connect!

-Ashley B.